Practical Design Patterns in JavaScript [bard] []

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Writing "bad" JavaScript is easy. Fortunately, writing "good" JavaScript is not too much harder. In this course, I will show you tried and true design patterns to help structure and organize your code to make your JavaScript code more readable and maintainable. I will walk you through the different ways to work with and manipulate objects in JavaScript. We will look at the tried and true gang of four design patterns and how to implement those patterns in JavaScript and AngularJS.

Course Overview
1m 16s
Course Overview 1m 16s
What Is a Design Pattern Anyway?
15m 10s
Introduction 1m 29s
The Problem 1m 30s
Design Patterns to the Rescue 1m 58s
Physical Design Patterns 1m 35s
The Gang of Four 1m 52s
So What Is a Design Pattern Anyway? 2m 1s
The Types of Patterns 4m 43s
Objects in JavaScript
14m 45s
Introduction 0m 43s
Creating Objects in JavaScript 1m 30s
Reading and Writing Attributes 1m 47s
Demo Task Creation 3m 16s
Define Property 1m 4s
Demo: Define Property 4m 5s
Demo: Inheritance 0m 48s
Summary 1m 28s
Creational Design Patterns
59m 44s
Introduction 0m 48s
Constructor Pattern 3m 10s
Demo: Constructor Pattern 3m 56s
Prototypes 1m 38s
Demo: Prototypes 1m 48s
Demo: Constructor Node 2m 16s
Demo: Classes 3m 29s
Demo: Constructor Angular 5m 52s
Module Pattern 2m 15s
Demo: Module Pattern 7m 38s
Demo: Angular Module Pattern 4m 16s
Factory Pattern 1m 38s
Demo: Factory Pattern 8m 30s
Singleton Pattern 2m 42s
Demo: Singleton Node 4m 58s
Demo: Singleton Angular 3m 7s
Summary 1m 36s
Structural Design Patterns
52m 16s
Introduction 1m 23s
Decorator Pattern 1m 27s
Demo: Simple Decorator 3m 24s
Demo: More Complicated Decorator 6m 15s
Demo: Decorating Objects in Angular 5m 26s
Demo: Decorating Services in Angular 5m 43s
Facade Pattern 1m 45s
Demo: Facade Node 6m 57s
Demo: Facade Angular 5m 46s
Flyweight 2m 30s
Demo: Flyweight 10m 3s
Summary 1m 30s
Behavioral Design Patterns
46m 25s
Introduction 1m 40s
Observer Pattern 3m 13s
Demo: Setting up the Environment 1m 42s
Demo: Creating Our Observers 2m 27s
Demo: Creating Our Observer List 2m 16s
Demo: Adding Our Subject 7m 36s
Demo: Removing Observers 2m 45s
Mediator Pattern 1m 59s
Demo: Mediator Pattern 10m 32s
Command Pattern 1m 50s
Demo: Command Pattern 8m 55s
Summary 1m 25s
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